We all have those photos of us from a decade or so ago that make us cringe. Crimped hair, big shirts, overalls, giant shoulder pads, black lip liner: no one has been able to remain completely exempt from guilt in the eyes of the fashion police. Sure, clipping on that pair of cow earrings seemed like a great idea at the time, but now thanks to social media you have permanent proof and no way to destroy the evidence.

Spare yourself the agony of hindsight by heeding these commandments for avoidable accessory abominations:

THOU SHALT NOT Over Accessorize

Less is more. Big jewelry or even busy jewelry in some contexts can be fun, but there is definitely a fine line between going a little overboard and swan diving completely off the edge of the boat.

Groups of chunky metal bangles, a chain necklace and dangly earrings all together can make you jingle louder than Jacob Marleys ghost from A Christmas Carol or a fork that fell in the garbage disposal. Make a habit out of wearing that many accessories at once and pretty soon your co-workers will know you are coming from around the corner, letting them easily avoid you if they happen to owe you money.

As an alternative, leave some of your jewelry and accessories at home rather than putting them all on at once. Choose an area of focus for your loudest or most prominent piece and let everything else be subordinate to that. Or, to paraphrase a quote from the wonderful Coco Chanel: Before leaving the house, always take off the last accessory you put on.

THOU SHALT NOT Wear Shoes You Cannot Walk In

The cutest pair of shoes in the world is no good if they cannot physically be worn on your feet. Whether they are painfully tight or proof of gravitys effects waiting to happen, leave them on the rack if walking in them yields questionable results.

After all, you will seem far from cute in them if trying to remain upright means you will look like one of those dancing tube men from used car lots or a drunken vagrant on stilts. Your shoes also will not be drawing nearly as many compliments if they are going to be dangling from your hand an hour into the night.

THOU SHALT NOT Ignore Functionality

In most situations, accessories can be practical in addition to fashionable. Hat and sunglasses are useful on sunny days, and scarves are useful on cold days. Despite this distinct sense of purpose, some people wear sunglasses with barely any tinting that actually makes their eyes dilate and pull in more UV rays. Likewise, someone may wear a scarf or vest because it looks great with their outfit only to be burning hot once they remember it is the middle of summer.

In addition to dressing for the weather, dress for the activities you will be performing. Dressy sandals with thin straps may not perform too well when walking on the sand at the beach. Heavy, dangly earrings can get downright painful if you plan on dancing your rear end off that night. Keep in mind what you will be doing and remember how your accessories might affect you based on past experience.

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