Summer is here, and the sun is already out in full force to prove it. Keep yourself feeling cool, looking cool and most of all being protected with these fun and fashionable summer accessories:

A Big Floppy Hat

Skin cancer is no joke. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends wearing at least SPF 30 for everyday activities and SPF 50 for outdoor activities, but our faces can be more sensitive since they have thinner skin and a high rate of cell duplication.

Keep your face firmly in the shade with a broad-brimmed straw or woven hat. These accessories will not only spare your complexion from skin damaging UV rays, but they can also look cute while doing it.

If you are not a fan of the floppy hats, any sort of hat with a defined brim will do. Panama-style hats, boater hats, bowlers, derby hats or even baseball caps and visors can coordinate with your outfit while keeping your face safe from UV rays. Men should take care to cover their faces, too, so they should likewise invest in a boater hat, gardening hat, light-colored cowboy hat or baseball cap to accompany them to the beach or anywhere outdoors.


Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory during the summer. While hats give us some shade, the suns rays can still be painful to handle during the brightest parts of the day. After all, squinting for several hours at a time is not a good look.

Sunglasses can not only make being in the sunlight more tolerable, they make outdoor recreation safer and protect our eyes from damagingly bright lights that can reflect off of surfaces like cars, water and even light-colored concrete.


Give your feet some room to breathe now that the weather is nice. A comfortable pair of sandals makes it easier to handle the heat, and they also make a relaxed fashion statement. Dressier sandals are perfect for a summers evening soire, and more rugged sandals like Chacos are excellent for nearly any occasion. Best of all, sandals make it easy to slip them off and enjoy a romp on the sand or the grass for impromptu summer adventures.

The Right Bag for the Occasion

Some summer outings call for big bags. Beach trips or picnics mean large but light totes that can carry all your essentials like a towel, a change of clothes or even some reading materials. Nighttime events can mean carrying as little as possible to avoid getting hot from schlepping an oversized bag when a tiny clutch would do. More so than other seasons, summer makes considerations like these important when deciding which size and style of bag to bring.

A Colorful, Fun Watch

Summer is usually about dressing less. Shorts, shoulder-baring tops, sandals and up-dos all mean that a less is more attitude towards accessorizing is more important than ever. You want any accessory you wear to be able to make a bold statement without weighing your outfit down, both visually and literally.

Joy Joy watches offer bright, light and charming watch skins that can be swapped out to match any summertime event. We have our Flower Power Pack for general fun in the sun as well as our Candy Color Paint Pack that offers multiple bold colors to match any outfit or outing with an electrifying accent. Our watch heads are also waterproof to protect against any summer fun that might involve a dip in the water. Visit our lookbook to discover more about how a Joy Joy watch can be a part of the ultimate summer accessory set.