At rest

Summer is nearly here, and the heat is already piling on. People are taking advantage of the sunny weather by going out and having a blast at the park, the beach or anywhere else good times are had.

While enjoying the weather, they want a watch that can match their laid back vibe while also keeping up with the demands of the active summer lifestyle. Here are some of the qualities that make a watch perfect for having a great summer:

Lightweight with a Slim Profile

Chunky watches are no fun during the summer. When you are jogging, swimming or just hanging out in the sun, they tend to get very much in the way.

A lighter watch is far more desirable. You can move around and be able to almost forget that it is even there. Lighter materials also make you sweat far less, keeping your wrist from smelling funky even after a hard days relaxing.

Joy Joy watches use lightweight plastics and soft silicone to keep your wrist comfortable no matter how long you have been wearing them. Since there is next to no metal in the designs, they do not overheat as much as larger watches and watchbands even while sitting under the glaring heat of the sun. They also have a low profile that can fit comfortably within whatever activity you are enjoying, saving you the awkwardness of bumping your watch on a hard surface or a friends head.

Durable Enough to Handle the Summer Fun

Another important aspect of having a watch is that you can enjoy it without having to worry about how it will fare in different conditions. Some watches are more delicate than they let on, succumbing to the first scuff with an obvious bevy of scratches. Similarly, many watches touting to be waterproof similarly go belly up after going face-to-face with its first wave.

Joy Joy watch heads are durable and scratch-resistant. They come with a one-year warranty that guarantees they can stand up to most rigours. You will not be able to hit them with a hammer, but you should be able to go biking or hiking without fear of having your watch ruined during the fun.

Our watch heads are also water resistant up to 5 ATM, making them able to withstand being submerged while swimming or just running through the sprinklers on a hot afternoon.

Stylish Enough to Keep You Looking Cool in the Heat

Another problem with most watches is that they are not terribly versatile. While they may look great in one setting, they can quickly feel pass in another.

Joy Joy watches let you have so many different looks that they can never get old. Each watch head can be swapped out with any of our interchangeable watch skins to give you a unique look for any outfit or occasion. We offer a huge range of diverse styles from our playful candy color paint pack to our more artistic mosaic designs. You can change your watch skin to suit your mood, even bringing them along with your beach bag in case you want to sport a different look after you head back from the sand and surf.

Visit our lookbook to see how breezy and fun all of our watches can be.