Father and son at beach smiling

Fathers Day has just passed but it’s not too late to say thank you for everything your pop has done for you. A watch is always a perfect gift, since it can be both a statement of masculinity and a practical tool both great excuses for wearing what for most amounts to a fashion accessory.

While appreciative progeny might be tempted to go all out with the nicest watch they can find, we at Joy Joy want to suggest something a little counter intuitive. Buying your father an expensive, shiny chronograph with features like a titanium band and infinitely complex inner mechanisms can be a flattering gift, but it can also be a burden. Here is why:

Why a Pricey Watch Could Hold Your Dad Back

The fact is that most dads lead two vastly different lives: one professional, one domestic. If the watch you purchase does not fit within their business attire, they will be unable to wear it in formal work occasions. An expensive watch can also be a liability when they are on the golf course, boating or even changing diapers. An affordable watch can actually be thoughtful gift since they will be able to wear it in any occasion without fear of tarnishing, scratching, losing or otherwise ruining it. While it may not fit in an office setting, it can still be a fun piece to wear on company picnics or softball games.

Joy Joy makes affordable watches even more versatile since the watch head can be exchanged with any watch band for a wide variety of looks. Your paterfamilias can rock out the stars and stripes for Fourth of July, sport some camo while tossing the football in the front yard and wear a stately black band for trips to the bank or the grocery store. He can swap out the bands in just a few seconds any time he wants, giving him a gadget he will love toying around with.

When We Say Wherever, We Mean It

Beyond mere fashion, Joy Joy watches are supremely practical, too. You may not be able to go scuba diving with one, but with 5 ATM of water resistance it can withstand a day on the beach or even a weekend of water skiing on the lake. It also will not become ruined while gardening or washing the car, making it the perfect companion for both leisure and domestic work.

Durable, scratch resistant watch heads and flexible watch skins can take most of the rigours of day-to-day life. Anyone from rock climbers to gearheads to armchair quarterbacks can appreciate a watch that will not become ruined by something as simple as dropping it a few feet. Joy Joy watches also boast a one year warranty to guarantee against any manufacturer defects or underperformance beyond regular wear and tear. Come visit our look book to discover how versatile our watches can be.