Spring 2015 may have come and gone, but that does not mean you cannot embody the latest fashion accessory trends from this past season. Here are some of the best-looking trends seen on the runways this spring that you can still rock all summer long.


Hippy Dippy Chunky Trinkets

A look that was popular in the 70s has found its way back into our closets. Jewelry accents that are chunky but earthy at the same time make a bold statement on ears, necks and wrists. Most importantly, these pieces generate a lot of movement as the wearer walks, giving them a dynamic and sensuous presence as they stroll down the street or chat with friends.

Examples include Derek Lams loose silver bangle, accompanied by an eye-catching, dangling green glass globe bead, as well as Marnis impossible-to-miss nylon bungee and chunky carved wood necklace.

Are You Not Entertained?!?

Gladiator heels are back, and they are sexier than ever. These lace-ups have evolved from strappy dress sandals to full-blown evening attire. Options range from Stella McCartneys all-occasion black thongs that gently hug the ankle to Gianvinto Rossis full-committal knee-high affairs that would look far from out of place strutting down the red carpet. Be sure not to miss Valentinos amazing thin-strapped leather sandals with gold accents, either.

Estate Earrings

Everyone has that one set of earrings they borrowed from their bubbie and still have not given back yet. These earrings hark back to the Mad Men era with understated presence, timeless elegance and subtle use of precious stones or metals. Always demure, these earrings look beautiful and even moderately showy while still communicating that the wearer comes from good stock.

The It Bag Is Back

No, this is not the bag Tim Curry would schlep around while wearing full clown makeup, instead these bags mark a return to a bygone era of the early 2000s when a bag was as much a statement as it was a practical means of lugging about your necessities. The past five or so years saw designers and fashionistas seeking minimalism with clutches and subtle satchels. Now, the purse has something to say again. These It bags still have a practical form factor, but they are less afraid to call attention to themselves in interesting ways. Pradas tan leather tote is the perfect example, as are Guccis suede satchel and Miu Mius luxurious blue bag.

Platform 9 3/4

Since chunky baubles from the 70s are back, footwear from the decade before seems to be en vogue as well. Fans of the mod look can rejoice now that big, bold sandals and heels have made their way onto the scene once more. Louis Vuitton has the perfect case study with awesomely-anachronistic booties, whereas Miu Miu telegraphs the contemporary direction the style is headed with their cute and petite blue-heeled sandals.

Watches That Give a Splash of Color

One trend that has showed staying power throughout the first decade of the new millennium is showing off a watch that draws the eye and lends any outfit a splash of color. Head over to Joy Joys lookbook to see how interchangeable watch bands in candy colors or bold patterns can give you a unique and fun look to complement any outfit.