Hailing from Costa Mesa, California, surfer Tim Reda is one of the few people in the world who has been invited to the Association of Surfing Professionals World Longboarding Championship.

The event is currently happening in Riyue Bay near Wanning on the island of Hainan, located several hundred miles southeast of Hong Kong. Reda has high hopes for his performance, but is honored to be able to participate in the event in any capacity.

All About Tim

Tim began surfing at a very young age in one of the least favorable conditions imaginable: frigid waters. His family lived near the coast of Washington state, where at the age of eight he began to test his surfing skills amongst the chilly waves of the North Pacific.

After moving to Santa Cruz, the water did not get much warmer, but the climate and the people sure did. Tim began his professional surfing career there. He also studied photography and learned how to make his own custom boards. Now, Tim is able to build longboards, shortboards, wooden alais and even hand planes from scratch at his custom shop.

Tim teaches a younger generation as one of the leading members of the Endless Sun Surf School in Newport Beach. He also gives surf lessons to the local high school’s Newport Harbor Surf Team. Teaching others has given him patience, discipline and a dedication to practicing what he preaches.

Headed Across the Pacific

After competing in events in Santa Cruz, Malibu and New Jersey, Reda caught the eyes of the international surfing community. He was invited to the Longboard World Championships to put his skills to the test, one of only 36 contestants hand-chosen from around the world.

Following a brief scare where sponsorship for the event almost fell through, GoPro luckily stepped in to salvage the contest from certain cancellation. That extra delay only gave Reda more time to raise the funds necessary to participate. Finding a sponsorship for longboard competition is tough. He had to raise funds mostly from friends, family and a host of dedicated fans.

With enough funds in his pocket to fly to China and officially register for the competition, Reda became excited at the idea of visiting a country unknown to him. He was especially enthusiastic since he described the area around Wanning, China as “pretty much their Hawaii” since it has consistently beautiful weather and an abundance of attractive resorts. Adding to his anticipation was the fact that the sport is relatively new in China, giving many surfers near-celebrity status amongst locals and out-of-town Chinese fans.

The Results So Far

Weather and waves in Wanning have been extremely agreeable so far for all competitors. Consistent four to five foot high waves have made conditions perfect for showing off the extent of style and form without too many uncontrollable variables.

The women’s champion was already announced — Chelsea Williams of Australia who beat out longtime rival Kelia Moniz from Hawaii. The men’s competition has only advanced to the third round, with Reda appearing to make the cut so far. Regardless of his final results, his participation has indoubtedly provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience that he will never forget.

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