We may not be able to walk on water as a species, but at least we can glide across it going 25 miles an hour. In celebration of the fun and skill involved in doing so, the worlds best water skiers and wakeboarders gathered in Georgia for the Masters.

No, not the other Masters that Georgia is privileged to host, but a slightly lower-profile but no less exciting Masters Tournament that takes place completely on the water. This tournament invites water skiers and wakeboarders from all over the world to compete in events like points runs, slalom, jumping and head-to-head bouts.

2015 marked the 56th Masters, and it took place at Robin Lake. The beautiful weather and amped Memorial Day crowds lent an air of excitement as competitors dropped jaws and broke records. Most exciting of all was a flawless 100 point wakeboarding run, the first of its kind in history.

Womens Events

The womens events held some of the most talented competitors in the watersports world. World record holder 17 year-old Erika Lang once again stunned the crowds with her incredible 9,770 tricks course score, winning the event for the second year in a row. Her teammate Natallia Berdnikava barely trailed in second with a 9,510 point run.

In the slalom event, Regina Jaquess earned the title with [email protected] after a runoff with Manon Costard and Whitney McClintock, who tied for third with [email protected] These numbers mean the the winner was able to turn around two out of six buoys on a 39.5 foot rope barely long enough for the rider to get their body on the outside of the buoys.

For the jumping event, Jacinta Carroll created a new world record to win with a 179 foot jump.

Mens Events

Frances Pierre Ballon took home the title in the trick course event with an amazing 10,680 point run. Nate Smith won the slalom event with an equally impressive [email protected] performance. Canadian Ryan Dodd defended his previous Masters Jump titles by accomplishing a jump distance of 234 feet for the third time in a row.

The slalom head-to-head event saw Jeff Rodgers narrowly beating out Big Dawg World Tour Champion Andy Mapply, scoring [email protected] and [email protected], respectively. In the Juniors Masters head-to-head, Taylor Garcia nabbed the victory and won a scholarship as a result.

What everyone at the event was buzzing the most about was Harley Cliffords incredible perfect score performance during the Mens Wakeboard final. The Australian wasted no time impressing the judges, quickly performing back-to-back double flips during his first pass and then a double backroll from a double-up. His feats were so objectively astounding that the judges had no choice but to award him a perfect score.

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