Skate Park

Despite skateboardings persistently edgy and youthful appearance, the sport has gone on long enough to establish quite a legacy. Its 50-plus year staying power has given enthusiasts the opportunity to gift the world with incredible places for skaters to hone their skills.

In honor of people who have worked hard to bring skating off the streets and into concrete playgrounds and indoor wonderlands, here are some of the best skate parks you can find in America:

Venice Beach Skatepark Venice Beach, California

Venice has long been a spot where skateboarding was pioneered. Since the 1980s, skaters have been shredding rails and setting up ramps along the sunny beachside paradise. However, it was not until recently that a proper skatepark was built there to satisfy the most dedicated riders. With lengthy pools and plenty of ramps and rails, this spot is now a premiere location for the enthusiastic LA skating crowd.


Woodward Skatepark Lawrenceville, Georgia

Woodward is famous for its summer camps and its high-quality wooden features. The park is the subject of many skate videos and offers a great chance for beginners to learn more advanced techniques and experts to reach new heights literally.


Skatepark of Tampa (S.P.O.T.) Tampa, Florida

This park has a bit of something for everyone. With indoor and outdoor courses for both beginners and experts, there are countless opportunities for skaters to improve their skills or practice something new. Best of all, the park is constantly getting a makeover to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of the sport.


Louisville Extreme Skatepark Louisville, Kentucky

This park is set apart by three remarkable traits: a massive 24 foot concrete full pipe, 24 hour access and free admission. Considering there are not many parks of this caliber situated in the Midwest, skaters often travel hundreds of miles to get a glimpse of its splendor.


FDR Skatepark Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anyone who has never been on a board but logged plenty of virtual hours in Tony Hawks Pro Skater will instantly recognize this parks trademark vibrant graffiti and deep pools. The park was crafted by skaters who hungered for a safer and more refined place to get some practice catching air or doing tricks near the streets of Philadelphia. It was originally constructed with volunteer labor and material donations, making it one of the first parks to be made for skaters, by skaters.


Burnside Skatepark Portland, Oregon

Burnside is definitely one of the most iconic skateparks in the entire world. Like FDR Park in Philly, lovers of the Tony Hawk series of video games will be all too familiar with the parks layout.

Nestled underneath the Burnside Bridge, this park was first created in 1990 by enthusiasts who did not care to get permission from the city. While Portland resisted at first, they later approved of the park and help support its upkeep. It has since expanded to include many different features and types of layouts, offering infinite choices of runs even for longtime visitors. The deep, rolling pools, tight ramps and general clustered layout is considered quintessential territory by pros around the world.

These are just a taste of some of the best parks the US of A has to offer. Give yourself a chance to try new courses and spread your wings by making a road trip to one of them.

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