Men "NEW!"

SLINGSHOX is our "Men's Collection". These are large watches indeed! 50 to 53 mm faces and extra burley straps. The "SUP" model can be purchased with our watch head. The "SURF" model is an upgrade band for a G-SHOCK 6900 watch. We are in no way affiliated with Casio or GSHOCK. But, we do have an issued Patent to make a silicone skin that fits 2 of their best models. If you are going extra heavy on activity or deep sea diving you can purchase a GSHOCK 100 series or 6900 series watch through WALMART online for fairly inexpensive. GSHOCK also makes those models in BlueTooth and Tide Graph. Match it up with our Patented bands and switch your style daily! We have lots of cool colors and patterns to choose.

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